Case Study: IP Investigations

A client learned that pirated software was being sold in the US though a company in Rhode Island which was registered as a Delaware corporation. The client requested an investigation be conducted to identify the source. The only evidence provided to Artus Group was an old invoice for a software purchase, which revealed a Rhode Island fax number at the top of the document. The investigation revealed the fax number was in fact forwarded to an electronic hub line in Las Vegas, which then automatically transmitted the fax in the form of an email to an email account. Artus Group discovered the billing address for the fax line was associated with a company in London, which was determined to be the registered agent on record with the Delaware Secretary of State for the Rhode Island company.

Undercover contact through the email address revealed the source was a company in Croatia, which was also the parent company of the London business which paid the Las Vegas fax line invoice. The investigation revealed the identity of the manufacturer and the client proceeded with international litigation to cease and desist operation and distribution of the counterfeit software.

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