Connecticut Criminal Records, Divorce and Litigation Lookup – 1974 to present

Fast Track Logo Blog Post

FINALLY, a comprehensive source of deep Connecticut public records – now available all in one place through Artus Group’s FAST-TRACK online service.

Over the years I have received hundreds of requests to run quick, inexpensive background checks I have always planned on creating an online service to do just that.

Well, it’s finally here.

Visit and you’ll see a depth of information not available anywhere else on the internet:

  • Criminal records dating back to 1974
  • Lawsuits and divorce records back to 1985
  • Traffic violations back to 1998
  • Bankruptcies back to 1990
  • Federal tax liens back to 1998
  • All in one report – which also gives lots of useful information to help you in your ongoing research
  • Conducted by real investigators – this is not an automated service
  • Fast – you will receive you report within 24 hours or there’s no charge
  • There is no “membership fee” or recurring charges – you simply pay for each report you order
  • And most importantly, inexpensive (a full report of Connecticut criminal, civil, divorce, bankruptcy, traffic records and federal tax liens all for $129.00).

The problem everyone faces is that the criminal records you see reported online through the Connecticut Judicial Branch are only about 20% of all the actual records filed – because these online records are purged regularly. Try it – just enter “Jones”, first initial “R” and you’ll get 213 criminal and traffic records. Can you guess how many records there actually are on file since 1974 in the name “Jones”, initial “R”?

1,750 and counting

Alternatively, you can request a full records search through the Connecticut State Police by mailing in this form with a check, but results take 7-10 days and very often that’s not fast enough for you.

Similarly, civil and divorce records are purged even more deeply and what you see online through the Connecticut Judicial Branch is less than 10% of the records on file.

This is why we started this service – to fill the need people have. Quickly and inexpensively.

As you know, I take great care and pride in the Artus Group name and the Artus Group product, and even though this service is fast and inexpensive by design, you will find the same level of professionalism, accuracy and detail for which we have become renowned.

So visit Artus Group’s FAST-TRACK at and begin your investigation today. I’m pretty excited by the whole project and hope you will be too!

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